Popular Design for E Scooter Malaysia - L1 scooter – WOW

Brand: ONAN
Model: L1
Colors: Black,White
Resistance: IP54 dirt,dust and splash resistance
Frame material: Aluminum alloy
Motor Size: 8.5 inches
Mileage: 23-50KM
Max speed: Approx.30KM/H
Max torque: 22NM
Motor rated power: 250W
Max instantaneous power: 500W
Motor control ,mode: FOC current control system Cruise control ,mode
Max incline: 15%-18%
Battery type: 18650 Lithium Battery
Battery capacity: 6.6AH-14AH
Charger roted power: 42V
Charger rated input voltage: 100-240/50-60HZ
Smart power management: Short circuit protection,overcurrent protection,double protection from overcharging,double protection from over discharging,temperature resistance,undervoltage auto-sleep protection.
Braking method: Disc braking and eABS regenerative anti-lock braking
Tire: Inflatable tire/vacuum tire/internal honeycomb explosion-proof tire
Lights and Display:
Headlights illumination distance:5M range: 5M range
Display panel: LCD
Indicators: Power indicator,bluetooth,speed,range,etc…
Sharing function: Available
Non-slip mat: Silicone
App: Available
Max load: 120KG
Applicable terrain: Cement,tarmac,flat pavement,not higher than 1CM step,no more than 3CM wide channel



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